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ymca Campusbuilding

Why teach at the YMCA?

Because hiring a room at the YMCA supports my local community and the residents of Derby. The YMCA does not just provide help for the homeless but also has recoginised training courses and supports local small businesses.


Come along and join a friendly group.



The Campus

770 London Road


DE24 8UT                                    


Free off street parking

Buses 41, 44 or 45 pass every 10-15mins either from Derby city center or Alvaston.



Modern clean building design

Sprung wood floor - reduces stress on legs.

Modern, quiet air contitioning (Can be turned on or off as required)


If booking private or group lessons chairs are available for seated exercises or meditation. Bring your own pillow/blanket if you prefer.


Lessons at the YMCA Derby will start with a gentle warm up followed by the Yang form and include breathing exercises, Qigong or meditation for relaxation.


Please wear comfortable footware and loose clothing.


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