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Wu De



As a practitioner of Tai Chi Chuan, what relation does Wu De have to my art? Wu De can be called the “Martial Code of Conduct”. Wu De is how one, as a martial artist, should conduct themselves in their training with their learning brothers and sisters, their students, their teachers, as well as their social interactions with anyone else.

Tai Chi Chuan is part of the Chinese styles of Kung Fu. We practice our art for health and mental well-being, culture, social interaction, and even self-defense. Wu De is an integral part of Chinese Kung Fu, and therefore should be practiced in our study of Tai Chi Chuan.


Respect (Zun Jing; 尊敬)

The term respect means to acknowledge the feelings and interests of another in a relationship and treating the other at a standard that rules out selfish behavior. Respect is derived not by behavior but by one’s attitude. Respect is appreciated as demonstrating a sense of worth or value of a person, a personal quality or ability. In martial arts, respect is the cornerstone of all the teachings of martial arts. In regards to Wu De, respect begins with the individual and manifests outward meaning that those who respect themselves as well as others will, in turn, be respected. Respect must be earned as well as displayed. This is why we bow and why we use titles.


Humility (Qian Xu; 谦逊)

The term humility is the quality or characteristic of a person that is unpretentious and modest. Humility comes with controlling ones pride and ego. Pride and ego are the killers of good martial arts and good character. When we allow our own pride and ego to infiltrate our rational judgment we start to make decisions based on self-pride and not solid facts. When your ego and pride take over you will become satisfied with yourself and stop thinking deeply. Try daily to display humility in everything you do. Train for yourself and not the title or colour around your waist. Keep your cup of tea empty allowing yourself to yourself to always learn.