Lotus Tai Chi

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Common Questions & Answers

What can Tai Chi do for me?

Why should I come to your class?

Could/should I attend workshops/retreats?

Yes, you can attend any workshops or retreats run by any organisation you feel like. There are not usually any restrictions on the general public attending.

Very often unless you are part of a group you wont even know there is an event happening in your area.

You should of course try to learn or practice a little of the form before you go! Workshops can be very expensive so I would urge you to choose wisely or risk wasting your time and money.

I attend a few each year to expand my understanding since Tai Chi is such a huge field.

Tai Chi can help you to become a more confident relaxed human being. Reducing stress and being more confident will help you make the right decisions for you in your everyday life. Take time out for yourself.


This is a difficult question and it depends on how much time you can make for it in your life.

Each style is different and even varies from teacher to teacher. One of the things that keeps your mind and body active are the many layers.


I enjoy helping others learn this beautiful Chinese art form. I use several styles of meditation, the most popular is a short 5-10 minute meditation you can use anywhere anytime.


How long will it take me to learn Tai Chi?

Do I need to be fit?

No, you don`t need to be fit. Tai Chi can help you become stronger. It is ideal if you are looking to get back into exercise. You can put in as much or as little effort as you feel you are able to each time you practice. Listen to your body.


Members pay £5 in my classes so come along and try it.

Alternatively book a private or group lesson for £30.

Learn at your own pace.


Class fees

I will be there when you are ready.

Group learning?

Get togeather with friends or colleagues for a group experience. Choose from Tai Chi or meditation or both.




Do you have a grading system?

No, there are no belts or gradings. This can put too much pressure on people to compete with each other and is not the basis of my teachings. If you wish to you can grade seperately through my instructor. Please note that certificates from one instructor are not valid with any other teacher. But the certificates are lovely to hang on your wall for you to appreciate.